Where Is Salvador Perez From?

Salvador Perez is from Valencia, Venezuela.

Someone from the Kansas City Royals hasn’t been inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in a long time.

Salvador Perez
Salvador Perez

Since George Brett’s induction into the elite club in 1999, no former player has made the top ten in voting.

The Royals will be inducting another player into the Hall of Fame thanks to their recent triumph, which came after a 29-year absence from the postseason. Salvador Perez is his surname.

When looking at the number of Hall of Famers by team, it’s difficult to imagine the Royals have only one. More people belong to the Mariners, Padres, and Brewers (two each).

This isn’t meant to belittle the accomplishments of players who have been inducted into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

It’s more about trying to figure out why the Royals only have Brett in the Hall of Fame.

Yes, the Baseball Writers Association of America will normally examine individual performance across a lifetime, but those who have won titles should also be considered. The Royals and their fans deserve more than just one player in Cooperstown right now.

There is a compelling case to be made for Frank White’s inclusion in Cooperstown, but that case is fading. Rather, it is time to begin justifying and campaigning for the next player to be inducted into the Royals organization.

Rodriguez appeared in 21 MLB seasons and won a total of 13 Gold Glove awards. Perez, on the other hand, has played in nine seasons and has already won five Gold Gloves.

He is unlikely to surpass Rodriguez’s total of 13, but he has already received more awards than Fisk (1), Carter (3), and Piazza (0) combined.

Only one other Gold Glove-winning catcher, Johnny Bench, may be found in Cooperstown (10). Perez is presently tied for sixth place in the all-time Gold Glove voting at catcher, behind Yadier Molina (9), Bob Boone (7), and Jim Sundberg (6).