What Is Gilberto Celestino Salary: How Much Does Gilberto Celestino Make?

Gilberto Celestino was outplayed by the Minnesota Twins in his 23 appearances this season. His performance was more like that of a fish out of the water than that of a professional baseball player, apart from the occasional flash of MLB skill.

Whatever your expectations may have been going into this season, it’s hard to hold a 22-year-old outfielder who had only played in 24 games above High-A and was thrown into the spotlight by an otherwise deep and experienced team.

To be sure, Houston Astros outfielder Ryan Pressly, who was acquired in the Ryan Pressly trade, showed enough skill in 2021, particularly in the minors, to inspire confidence in his future.

With his speed and agility, Celestino is an ideal centerfielder but may also play in right. The Triple-A, Double-A and MLB levels he played this season saw him appear in 57 games in center, 25 games in right and 5 games in left.

He played all three levels this season. The long-term future of Celestino’s outfield spot is uncertain in light of the presence of Byron Buxton (perhaps temporarily), Austin Martin, and even Royce Lewis in the majors or approaching the majors.

With the Twins, his defense was worth -2 outs above average, but he made multiple two- and three-star catches, which suggests he has a decent range for the position. During Spring Training and his time in the minors, he produced numerous highlight-reel catches, proving his eye-test results.

How Much Does Gilberto Celestino Make?

Gilberto Celestino earns an average of $702,850 each year. Celestino will be paid a base salary of $702,850 in 2022.