Sandro Platzgummer Children: Does Sandro Platzgummer Have Any Kids?

Sandro Platzgummer

American football running back Sandro Platzgummer hails from Innsbruck, Austria, and currently plays for the New York Giants of the National Football League. Before moving to America, Platzgummer played in Europe as a member of the Swarco Raiders Tirol and the Austrian national American football team.

Through the National Football League’s International Player Pathway Program, Platzgummer was able to make his way to the Giants.

Platzgummer has been a member of the Giants’ practice squad for a total of two seasons. Platzgummer will be playing for the Giants for a third season after receiving an offer to come back from General Manager Joe Schoen and having the International Player Pathway practice squad roster exemption extended for an additional year.

In his two seasons, Platzgummer has not even been on the 53-man roster for a single day, much less taken a regular-season snap.

In a 2021 preseason game against the New York Jets, he ran for 48 yards, which will likely go down as one of his career highlights.

According to Platzgummer, the only other role he played on the special teams in Austria was that of a return man. Since joining the Giants, he has made significant efforts to learn other roles on the special teams.

Does Sandro Platzgummer Have Any Kids?

Sandro Platzgummer does not have any children. There are no specifics on whether or not he is a father. He might or might not be a father. There aren’t any rumors concerning his kids either.