What Is DJ LeMahieu Current Batting Average?

To replace the injured Jonathan Herrera, LeMahieu was called up to the major leagues on May 23, 2012. Chris Nelson was hospitalized on July 17 and he was recalled to the Rockies on July 18 when Herrera was brought up.

The Rockies beat the Milwaukee Brewers 9–6 on August 14 and LeMahieu had three hits in four at-bats in his first game against his former team, the Cubs.

In a 9-inning triumph over the Los Angeles Dodgers on August 28, LeMahieu etched his name into the annals of baseball history by dishing up 12 assists. Several players had previously held the record for the highest point in a game.


LeMahieu hit .267/.315/.348 with five home runs in 494 at-bats in 2014. He ranked first in the NL and third overall in the majors with an ultimate zone rating of 11.0 as a defender.

With 16 defensive runs saved, he won his first Gold Glove, and he led the majors with a total of 99 double plays.

In the 2015 All-Star Game, LeMahieu started at second base for the National League and was named to his first All-Star team.

He slugged .301 with 39.0 percent of his at bats going to the opposite field, the highest percentage of fastballs among all MLB hitters, during the season (66.9 percent ).


For the National League hitting title in 2016, LeMahieu racked up an August batting average of 439, and a September average of 366.

His .348 season average was the best in all of Major League Baseball. His hitting average on balls in play (.388) was the best in the majors, and he also led the league in the proportion of balls hit to the opposite field (37.9 percent )

What Is DJ LeMahieu Current Batting Average?

DJ LeMahieu’s current (2022) Batting average is .264