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The Cowboys’ popularity as America’s Team has been bolstered by NFL records such as “Team with the Most Consecutive Sold Out Games,” a run of 160 home and away games (including playoffs) that began on December 23, 1990, at Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium and ended on December 24, 1999, in a Christmas Eve game against the New Orleans Saints in the Louisiana Superdome.

Other instances include 7 of the 8 Super Bowl games involving the Cowboys and the NFC Championship Game between the Cowboys and the 49ers, the only non-Super Bowl NFL game to be ranked in the Top 45 Primetime Telecasts of All Time.

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys

The  Cowboys is the only NFL team that distributes its own goods, and even during losing seasons, it consistently ranks among the best sellers in the league. At $2.1 billion in 2012, the Cowboys were the most valuable American sports team.

One of the many Cowboys’ innovations that have contributed to its distinctive notoriety is their professional, overtly attractive, all-female cheering squad, known as “America’s Sweethearts,” which has since been replicated by the NFL but still stands out as distinctively iconic.

They have been the subject of numerous movies, have made numerous appearances on national television, regularly tour with the USO, make various appearances around the world, and have been included in its official video game.

According to an ESPN poll conducted in 2012, the Cowboys are the most popular NFL team, a finding that is routinely reflected in yearly Harris polling.

What NFL team is considered America’s team?

The Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL) are known as “America’s Team”. The team’s 1978 highlight clip, in which the narrator (John Facenda) introduces himself with the following statement:

They are on television so frequently that the public is familiar with them much as they are with presidents and celebrities. They are “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys.