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Carlos Eduardo Hernández is a Venezuelan professional baseball pitcher for the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball.

Born on March 11, 1997 (age 25 years), in Guayana City, Venezuela, Carlos is known to have a very tall height that stands at 1.93m and a weight of 113kg.

Carlos Hernández
Carlos Hernández

Carlos is known to play as a pitcher for the Royals and wears the number 43 jersey for the team as well.

The baseball player is al;so known to have made his major league baseball debut on September 1, 2020, for the Kansas City Royals.

He bats with the use of his right hand as well as throws with the use of his right hand as well.

He is also known to have a major league baseball statistics which consist of a win-loss record of 6-3 as well as an earned run average of 4.04 and 88 strikeouts.

The baseball player was promoted to the major leagues for the first time and made his debut that day against the Cleveland Indians on  September 1, 2020.

Carlos Hernández Height: How Tall Is Carlos Hernández?

Carlos Hernandez is known to be a very tall person who has a height that stands at 1.93m and a weight of 113kg.

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