Do The Angels And Dodgers Share A Stadium?

Wrigley Field, a minor league ballpark that housed the PCL Angels prior to the arrival of the MLB Angels, was where the Angels actually played before that.

The MLB Angels spent their first season at Wrigley Field before relocating to Dodger Stadium and ultimately Angel Stadium. As a result, two MLB stadiums with the same name existed for one year in 1961 as both teams used it.

Do The Angels And Dodgers Share A Stadium?
Do The Angels And Dodgers Share A Stadium?

Currently, the two teams no longer share a stadium with the Los Angeles Angels playing at the Angels Stadium and the Los Angeles Dodgers playing at the Dodgers Stadium.

The Dodger Stadium is located in the Elysian Park section of Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball call it their home field.

It took fewer than three years to build, costing US$23 million (US$206 million in 2020 dollars, and was completed in 1962.

On August 31, 1964, work on the Angel Stadium, formerly known as Anaheim Stadium, started. The Angels played four seasons at Dodger Stadium after moving from LA Wrigley Field during this time.

The Angels met the Chicago White Sox in their inaugural game at Anaheim Stadium on April 19, 1966. When the team relocated to Anaheim, they changed their name from the Los Angeles Angels to the California Angels.

Anaheim’s Angel Stadium is located 28 miles from Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium.