When did St. Louis Rams become LA Rams?

The Los Angeles Rams play professional American football. The National Football Conference West division is where the Rams play in the National Football League. In Cleveland, Ohio, the team was first established in 1936 as the Cleveland Rams. The team won the 1945 NFL Championship Game before relocating to Los Angeles in 1946 to make room for Paul Brown’s All-America Football Conference Cleveland Browns.

As a result, they became the only NFL championship team to play in a different city the following season. Up until 1980, the team played its home matches at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before moving to a newly built Anaheim Stadium in Orange County, California. At the conclusion of the 1979 NFL season, the Rams played in their first Super Bowl, which they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Rams relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, after the 1994 NFL season, changing their name to the St. Louis Rams. The group won Super Bowl XXXIV by defeating the Tennessee Titans five seasons later. The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl XXXVI, which was lost by the team. The franchise requested permission from the other owners to return to Los Angeles in time for the 2016 NFL season after the 2015 NFL season, and they granted it.

In Super Bowl LIII, the Rams played but fell to the Patriots. The Rams became the second NFL team to win the Super Bowl in its home stadium three years later when they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals to claim Super Bowl LVI. The team holds the distinction of being the only NFL team to have won titles while playing for three different cities: Cleveland in 1945, Los Angeles in 1951 and 2021, and St. Louis in 1999.

When did St. Louis Rams become LA Rams?

St Louis Rams became LA Rams in 2016 after the team relocated to Los Angeles after its long stay in St. Louis, Missouri.