Akil Baddoo Contract, Salary and Net Worth

Akil Baddoo

Baddoo was born in Silver Springs, Maryland, and his parents are to thank for his unusual moniker.

His father is from Ghana and his mother is from Trinidad and Tobago. Akil Neoman Baddoo is the son’s name

When the Tigers snatched him up, he was by no means unknown to them.

They kept track of him while he was in the Twins’ minor league system, a schedule that was thrown off in early 2019 when he underwent Tommy John surgery on his left (throwing) elbow.

You can see right away by the fluidity of Akil Baddoo’s thoughts and words that he was enticed by his University of Kentucky scholarship for reasons other than baseball.

When questioned about his likely major if he had accepted the UK offer on Friday, he answered, “Business.” In actuality, in June 2016, he made a commercial decision.

He signed a professional outfielder and left-handed bat contract with the Twins for $750,000, and four years later, he’s ready to wear a Tigers uniform for at least the entire 2021 season.

It’s not a foregone conclusion, but there appears to be a little possibility the Tigers won’t keep Baddoo on their big-league active roster in 2021, as is required for players selected in December’s Rule 5 draft.

Akil Baddoo Contract

The Detroit Tigers signed Akil Baddoo to a one-year, $709,400 deal, with $709,400 guaranteed.

Akil Baddoo Salary and Net Worth

Akil Baddoo earns an annual average salary of $709,400. He has a net worth estimation of $1 million.