Nick Boyle Contract, Salary and Net Worth

The Baltimore Ravens have a lot of good players at the tight end. From Mark Andrews, Nick Boyle, and the two rookies Charlie Kolar and Isaiah Crowell that they picked up in the 2022 NFL Draft.

The squad probably has a large pool of individuals from which to choose who can make an impact in a variety of ways while playing the position.

Nick Boyle
Nick Boyle

The combination of Boyle’s improved blocking and passing talents has made him one of the most impressive tight ends in the league.

Boyle seems to want to help the team cut costs and retain its talented players at the position despite the fact that they already have a plethora of excellent options to choose from.

On Friday, ESPN’s Field Yates reported that Boyle had agreed to a new deal that would free up $2.565 million in salary cap room for Baltimore.

The official salary reduction for Boyle is $4.88 million to $1.12 million. That is a decrease of $3.88 million.

It seems like money isn’t a motivating factor for several players in Baltimore. A player of Boyle’s caliber is a huge asset.

Nick Boyle Contract

Nick Boyle’s two-year, $13,000,000 contract with the Baltimore Ravens includes a $6,000,000 signing bonus and $10,500,000 guaranteed.

Nick Boyle Salary

Nick Boyle makes an average of $6,500,000 per year. Boyle’s base salary will be $1,120,000 in 2022, and he will get a restructuring bonus of $2,630,000. His cap hit will be $4,435,000.

Nick Boyle Net Worth

Nick Boyle’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million