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It’s Dylan Carlson on the other end of the line. When St. Louis’ No. 1 prospect was brought up last year, he struggled at first, but a closer look reveals why the switch-hitter earned his spot as the Cardinals’ cleanup hitter during the playoffs and why he could be a contender for National League Rookie of the Year in 2021.

Dylan Carlson
Dylan Carlson

Carlson’s performance next year could be crucial for a team that had Paul Goldschmidt and not much else in 2020 and has been relatively quiet on the free-agent front this offseason.

And we believe he is capable of playing a significant part in the Cardinals’ lineup.

In 2020, Carlson’s hard-hit rate and sweet-spot rate were both over 40%, with 42.1 percent of his balls being hard to contact and 40.8 percent of his balls being in the launch angle sweet spot.

Even though he only batted 76 balls in his rookie season, that’s still impressive. He was squaring the ball up, in other words.

The average hard-hit rate in the Major Leagues is 34.9 percent, and the average sweet-spot rate is 32.8 percent.

The best thing is that Carlson hit a combination of hard-hit and sweet-spot contact on roughly 30% of his pitches. Last season, hitters with at least 75 batted balls ranked in the top five in all of MLB.


How Much Does Dylan Carlson Make?

Dylan Carlson makes  an annual average salary of $703,000.

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