Has Jean Segura Won a Gold Glove?

Has Jean Segura won a Gold Glove?

No. Jean Segura has never won a Gold Glove. He was shortlisted alongside Ozzie Albies, Tommy Edman, and Kolten Wong at Second Base.

Segura’s batting average is slightly above league average, and he doesn’t appear to be a spectacular defender or a significant danger on the basepaths. Despite this, he is one of the top second basemen in the National League.

Jean Segura
Jean Segura

According to Baseball-Reference, Segura completed 2021 with an OPS of.784 and five defensive runs saved.

Only Jake Cronenworth (min. 80 games at second base) had a better OPS and more DRS among National League second basemen.

These aren’t the only metrics that show a player’s effectiveness, but as the most fundamental offensive and defensive metrics, they provide a more complete picture than older metrics like fielding % or batting average.

Segura was above average not only on the field and in the batter’s box, but also on the base paths, which was surprising for a 220-pound. Runs from Baserunning (Rbaser) are used by Baseball-Reference to determine baserunner value.

It’s a rudimentary statistic based solely on “base running occurrences” such as stolen bases, caught stealing, and going from first to third on a single.

Analytics like these can be highly prone to misinterpreting small sample size data over a limited sample size, but they’re frequently more dependable on a career-wide scale with bigger sample size.

In 2021, Segura was valued at two Rbaser, a respectable but ordinary number. Segura, on the other hand, has been worth 21 Rbaser during the course of his 10-year career, which corresponds to the two runs he produced through base running in 2021.

Segura’s base running is above average even per more contemporary stats. His sprint speed is 27.3 ft/s, which places him in the 57th percentile of all players in the league, according to Statcast.

Baseball-defense references are also preferable to Savants. They rank him in the 95th percentile of all defenders in the league, giving him a nine-out edge.

On both offensive and defense, there is no National League second baseman better than Segura in 2021 when using OAA rather than DRS.

Only Tommy Edman of the St. Louis Cardinals was more valuable as a defensive second baseman, but his OPS was.695, which was significantly below league average.

Segura seemed to have resurrected his career after switching from shortstop to second base at the age of 32.

Segura hit .294/.337/.421 with an OPS+ of 104, -4 DRS, and -2 OAA in 1,816 plate appearances between the ages of 27 and 29.

Segura has slashed .283/.348/.432 with an OPS+ of 110, 7 DRS, and 14 OAA since moving to second base in 2020.