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Davon Godchaux and the New England Patriots appear to have come out on top in their contract extension.

On Wednesday, the Patriots extended Godchaux’s contract by two years and $20.8 million, with $17.85 million of that total guaranteed.

Many were surprised by the deal, which put the 27-year-old veteran among the top 15 highest-paid defensive linemen in the NFL in terms of average income.

Davon Godchaux
Davon Godchaux

However, ESPN’s Mike Reiss reports that the Patriots were able to free up around $1.5 million in salary space thanks to Godchaux’s new contract.

New England changed a large portion of Godchaux’s 2022 salary to a signing bonus, reducing his cap figure from $10.25 million to $8.75 million. His base salary for the year is only $1.5 million.

According to Miguel Benzan, the Patriots’ cap specialist, the team currently has $2.9 million in cap room after extending Godchaux’s contract.

While that is still the lowest cap space in the NFL, it does provide the team some wiggle room as they try to lock down a player that head coach Bill Belichick labeled “one of the top defensive linemen in the league” on Thursday.

The Patriots are no strangers to salary cap manipulation, and this helps explain why the team would pay more than $20 million to a defensive tackle who has never been to the Pro Bowl.

Davon Godchaux  Contract

Davon Godchaux agreed to accept a two-year, $20,800,000 deal with the New England Patriots, which included a $10,500,000 signing bonus and $15,350,000 in guaranteed money.

Davon Godchaux  Salary

Davon Godchaux’s annual income is approximately $10,400,000. Godchaux will have a cap hit of $8,750,000 in 2022 between his $1,500,000 regular salary, $10,500,000 signing bonus, and $1,000,000 roster bonus.

Davon Godchaux Net Worth

Davon is among the top paid defensive Lineman in the NFL. He has an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars