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As a left-handed relief pitcher, Paul Fry emerged from the depths of the Orioles’ bullpen. This season, Fry had a 1-0 record, a 2.45 ERA, and a 1.409 WHIP.

In six of his 22 appearances, he allowed a run, however, he was never charged with more than one earned run per game.

Despite his 1.409 WHIP, his 29/9 walk-to-strikeout ratio was enough to get the job done. He had a 0.79 ERA and 1.059 WHIP in August, despite allowing a run in two of his first three appearances.

The days of the LOOGY (left-handed one-out guy) are over with baseball’s new rule requiring pitchers to face at least three batters or close out an inning.

A left-handed reliever, on the other hand, is more in demand than ever before. A.273 average was posted by lefties against Fry, but a .223 average was posted by righties.

In the year 2020, Fry was handed some difficult issues to deal with, but he handled them admirably. Batters hit .244 with the bases empty, but just .200 with runners in scoring position.

For the great majority of his appearances, Fry employed only two pitches. His four-seam fastball clocks in at around 93 MPH, while his slider clocks in at around 85 MPH.

There isn’t much room for error when he has only two pitches at his disposal. A mechanical change, according to Fry, was to blame for any 2019 pitch tipping that had happened.

How Tall is Paul Fry?

Paul Fry’s height is 1.83 m