Aaron Judge Parents: Meet Patty and Wayne Judge

Aaron Judge and Parents

Sports legend Aaron Judge is a person of exceptional talent. The gifted baseball outfielder only recently began his career, and as of 2022, he is competing at the highest level.

He was born in Sacramento to unidentified parents, and Wayne and Patty Judge adopted him the next day. His adoptive parents were Californian educators. The couple adopted Aaron as their second son.

Aaron Judge and Parents
Aaron Judge and Parents

Meet Patty Judge

Aaron’s mother is Patricia Ann Judge. She earned her degree from Fresno University and worked as a physical education teacher, just like her husband.

She afterward accepted a position at Stockton Unified School as director of student activities. She retired in 2015.

Aaron’s closest buddy is Patty. The baseball player believes that God brought his adoptive parents and him together. He calls his parents each day.

When he was a primary school student, the baseball outfielder discovered that he was adopted. His schoolmates then realized that he and his parents don’t look alike.

When the boy got home, he began to inquire. Wayne and Patty thus told him the truth. Aaron has not yet met his biological parents, and he has no plans to do so.

Meet Wayne Judge

Aaron’s father is Wayne Allen Judge. They enjoy loving father-son ties despite the fact that they are not blood relatives (Wayne and his wife Patty adopted the boy on the second day after his birth). On February 12, 1954, Wayne Allen Judge was born.

Wayne worked as a teacher. He instilled in his kids John and Aaron the importance of being persistent, diligent, and responsible. Wayne was a physical education instructor. He left his job in 2017.