Elias Díaz Contract, Salary and Net Worth

In a joint police operation, his mother was thankfully released three days later uninjured, and six people were detained in connection with the crime.

The involvement of a family friend in the kidnapping, another indication of how far society had fallen, greatly upset Diaz.

In a game against the Chicago Cubs on May 28, he took part in a contentious play at home plate.

Elias Díaz
Elias Díaz

The Pirates attempted to convert a double play in the eighth inning with the bases loaded by using home plate, but Anthony Rizzo caught Diaz’s ankle, knocking him to the ground and causing his throw to first to go into right field.

On the play, two runs were scored. After a video review determined that Rizzo’s slide was legal a conclusion with which Hurdle adamantly disagreed manager Clint Hurdle walked out to dispute the call and was removed.

The next day, Major League Baseball’s Chief Baseball Officer, Joe Torre, stated that the play should have been declared as interference on the part of Rizzo, even though the outcome of the play would not be changed.

This provided the Pirates with some amount of vindication.

Elias Díaz Contract

The Colorado Rockies and Elias Diaz agreed to a three-year, $14,500,000 contract, with a $14,500,000 guarantee.

Elias Díaz Salary

Elias Diaz receives a $4,833,333 yearly salary on average. Diaz’s base pay in 2022 will be $3,000,000.

Elias Díaz Net Worth

Elias Diaz has a net worth estimation of $1 million to $5 million