Are the Jaguars moving out of Jacksonville?

The professional American football team known as the Jacksonville Jaguars is based in Jacksonville, Florida. They were initially members of the AFC Central division when they first began playing in 1995 as an expansion team.

They were transferred to the AFC South division in 2002 after the divisions were reconfigured. They are one of just four NFL teams who have never taken part in their league’s championship game.

The franchise is now owned by Shahid Khan. Khan acquired the squad in 2012 from Wayne Weaver, the previous primary shareholder.

Wayne Weaver, the Jaguars’ owner, wanted to “clean up” the team’s reputation in 2009. Weaver said the new style, which featured a snarling jaguar head with a turquoise tongue, was inspired by his wife.

The parent company of the Jaguar car firm at the time, Ford Motor Company, believed that the Jaguars’ symbol bore an overwhelming degree of resemblance to their own creation.

Because the lawyers representing the team and Ford were able to reach an amicable settlement, the case was never brought before a judge.

The Jaguars would change their uniforms and Jaguar would be designated as the team’s official vehicle, under the conditions of the settlement.

Are the Jaguars moving out of Jacksonville?

Khan says that he and his family, which includes his son Tony, 39, and daughter Shanna, 32, both of whom will eventually inherit the team, have every intention of keeping the Jacksonville Jaguars alive and thriving in Jacksonville for a very long time.

This suggests that there is virtually little chance of the jaguars making their escape at this time.