Is Nick Maton Related To Phil Maton?

Is Nick Maton Related To Phil Maton?

Yes. Nick Maton is the Younger brother of Phill Maton.


Phil Maton, a five-year professional who has thrown parts of three seasons with the San Diego Padres and Cleveland Indians, is Maton’s brother.

Phil is 2-0 with a 5.83 ERA and a 46-13 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 26 appearances and 29 1/3 innings this season.

Phil, their father, was a collegiate track and field athlete. Ellen, their mother, was a collegiate volleyball player.

Nick Maton
Nick Maton

The other two brothers, a distance runner in college and a pitcher at Coastal Carolina, are also athletes. Nick hasn’t played much for Phil in the past few years.

What happens if you both work in the same field, but at different degrees of experience? In no way could they have been partners if their ages weren’t so close together.

Nick Maton was at a major-league ballpark just a few days after the Philadelphia Phillies picked him. Juni 2017 had passed.

There was so much to celebrate for the Maton family. Padres pitcher Phil Maton, the eldest of four brothers, had recently joined the bigs.

In other words, Nick went to his first game. They have never played together because they are four years apart. An infielder plays infield, a pitcher pitches out of the bullpen.

He stated this week, “It’s a little weird to see him for the first time,” Nick. Then you’re like, ‘It’s doable.'” ‘Yeah, sure, why not?’ Finally, I was able to reach my goal thanks to your tireless efforts.”

When Phil retold this story on Wednesday, he burst out laughing. It was postponed because he is currently pitching for the Cleveland Indians.

So he turned on the television and tuned in to see the Phillies play. For the third day in a row, his younger brother was starting at shortstop in the majors. Maton was never a top prospect, but he made it to the major leagues nonetheless.

He’s always been a hard worker. So it’s no surprise to me that he’s sitting there, imagining himself capable of pulling it off. For the simple reason that, well, he’s good.

In the sixth inning, Nick came to the bat with a runner on first base. “What’s he gotten?” It was Phil’s opinion.

His opponents are wondering, “Who’s he up against?” Caleb Baragar struck out Nick in the first inning. After that, he was hit with an inside fastball and left for dead.

That wasn’t quite enough for him, so he cut the pitch to the other field.

When asked about his brother, Phil noted that “he’s always been a lot more outgoing” than the others. He’s really grown up in the last couple of years, though.

To see him up there, simply because I’ve always thought he’s good enough to be there, is an incredible experience. “I’m glad he’s finally getting a chance to show what he can do.”