How Many 20-Game Winners Did The Orioles Have In 1970?

It was the fourth time that year that a Baltimore Orioles pitcher won 20 games, as Jim Palmer did on September 26th, 1971.

A pitching staff with four 20-game winners, as the Orioles had in 1971, was the first such group since the Chicago White Sox in 1920.

To begin the season, the Orioles were the American League and World Series champions on two separate occasions.

The Orioles
The Orioles

As a result, the team’s two Robinsons, outfielder Frank (the 1966 “triple crown” winner for home runs, RBIs, and batting average), and third baseman Brooks Robinson (one of the greatest third basemen in baseball history), were both MVPs.

On the pitching staff, the squad included three aces: Jim Palmer, Dave McNally, and Mike Cuellar, and four future Gold Glove winners: shortstop Mark Belanger, second baseman Davey Johnson, center field Paul Blair, and Brooks Robinson.

They were considered unstoppable to many in baseball because of their great manager Earl Weaver.

Because of the outstanding performance of Pat Dobson, the team’s previously mediocre fourth starting pitcher, they ended up being much better than anticipated.

As a result of his outstanding play, Dobson was the first member of the team’s ace rotation to achieve the 20-game level before Jim Palmer, the team’s most renowned and future Hall of Famer.

The Orioles had already clinched the American League East and were preparing to face the Oakland Athletics in the postseason when Palmer took the mound on September 26 against the Cleveland Guardians (at the time known as the Cleveland Indians).

On the road to his 20th victory of the season, Palmer shredded the Cleveland offense with his usual pinpoint precision and control.

How Many 20-Game Winners Did The Orioles Have In 1970?

The Orioles have four 20-Game. Until now, it has only happened twice in history.