Nick Moore Contract, Salary and Net Worth

Nick Moore, long snapper for the Baltimore Ravens, has played both professional baseball and football.

Moore joined the Boston Red Sox minor leagues right after graduating high school. From 2011 through 2014, he played third base for the club, but he was released prior to the start of the 2015 season. He was never promoted from the rookie level.

Nick Moore
Nick Moore

He became close with his roommate at the Red Sox, future Los Angeles Dodgers player Mookie Betts, during his time there.

Moore had spent most of his life up until 2014 dedicated to baseball, but he wasn’t too heartbroken when his career in the minor leagues quickly fizzled out.

I had lost interest in baseball. Moore remarked through The Athletic, “I knew I was done.” You could hear a collective “breath of relief”

Moore was able to take advantage of a new door that opened as a result of this event. There was no need for him to wait till he graduated high school to begin applying to universities now. He could go on to football now that he thought his time in baseball had run its course.

Moore was a high school football player who primarily played safety but also some wide receiver, tight end, snapping, and punting. When he graduated high school, he was already getting football scholarship offers.

Moore tried out for a college football team after leaving the Red Sox organization. He considered attending school at both the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia. He settled on Georgia so that he could be near his family.

At age 22, he enrolled in college for the first time and immediately made the University of Georgia football squad.

Because he was restless and couldn’t stand to stay idle for long, becoming a snapper was a top priority. So he became a snapper all through his time at university.

Nick Moore Contract

Nick Moore agreed to terms with the Baltimore Ravens on a one-year contract worth $825,000.

Nick Moore Salary

Nick Moore makes an average of $825,000 per year. Moore will make an $825,000 base salary and have an $825,000 cap hit in 2022.

Nick Moore Net Worth

Nick Moore has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars