What Is Jordan Stout Salary: How Much Does Jordan Stout Make?

Jordan Stout

Kicking specialist Jordan Stout of Penn State University has signed with the Baltimore Ravens. Last Monday Stout signed his first NFL contract with the team that drafted him, making him the central focus of the Ravens’ special teams for the foreseeable future.

Stout agreed to a $4.3 million contract over four years. Stout signed with the Ravens and was given a signing bonus of $697,836 to be distributed over the course of four years.

Jordan Stout
Jordan Stout

Stout’s salary for the upcoming 2022 season will be $705,000. In 2023, the base compensation will increase to $870,000, in 2024 to $985,000, and in 2025 to $1.1 million. After the 2025 season, Stout will be a free agent and able to sign with any team.

Spotrac’s rankings of NFL punters’ contracts place Stout at the 13th spot, making him one of the highest-paid punters in the NFL by a significant margin. As of right now, Michael Dickson of the Seattle Seahawks is the highest-paid punter in the NFL at $14.7 million.

After being selected by the Ravens in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL draft, Stout went on to have a successful career.

Sam Koch, a punter with the Ravens for many years, has retired from the NFL since being drafted and is transitioning into a coaching role with the team. Stout can, therefore, play a significant role on the AFC team’s special teams right away despite being a rookie.

How Much Does Jordan Stout Make?

Jordan Stout earns an average of $1,089,459 per year. Stout will receive a base salary of $705,000 and a signing bonus of $697,836, with a cap hit of $879,459 in 2022.