What Team Is Raleigh Webb On?

Webb is a sculpted 6 feet two inches tall who can effortlessly carry 212 pounds and sprint the 40 in 4.4 seconds. He possesses exceptional track speed despite never having a dedicated speed coach, and despite playing in an option offense with a dearth of targets, he is a highly willing and capable blocker in the run game.

He is physically able to play the position, has wonderful hands, runs good routes, and is quite intelligent, having already completed one master’s degree and being in the midst of work on a second, which would give him four in total.

Even though there is no combine and Webb is playing at a lower level of football, if teams are doing their research, one of them will call Webb next Saturday and give him a try at the next level.

Considering that Webb possesses the physique, background, and growth attitude necessary to play in the NFL, it is just a matter of time before he does so.

Not only was he a great diver, but he had the potential to be a star swimmer at the university level. He was the shortest kid on most of his youth football teams, but he felt a call to play football, so he made it his career (while running track at The Citadel in the spring to stay in shape).

Webb anticipated playing safety as a freshman in 2017 after being recruited as a defensive back.

What Team Is Raleigh Webb On?

Raleigh Webb plays as a wide receiver in the NFL. He is part of the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football team.