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The Atlanta Braves are an American professional baseball team based in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The Braves compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the National League East division.

Atlanta Braves Name Change

Atlanta Braves used to be known by many names including Boston Bees, Boston Braves as well as Milwaukees Braves.

Atlanta Braves Staduim

Atlanta Braves has its home stadium been the Truist Stadium

Atlanta Braves Record Schedule

Fri, Jul 22vsLos AngelesW8-157-38Lee 2-0Ohtani 9-542,867
Sat, Jul 23vsLos AngelesW7-258-38Wright 12-4Sandoval 3-642,827
Sun, Jul 24vsLos AngelesL9-158-39Detmers 3-3Anderson 8-642,663
Mon, Jul 25@PhiladelphiaL6-458-40Bellatti 2-3Minter 4-3Dominguez 525,452
Tue, Jul 26@PhiladelphiaW6-359-40Strider 5-3Nola 6-8Jansen 2327,486
Wed, Jul 27@PhiladelphiaL7-259-41Gibson 6-4Morton 5-529,038
Fri, Jul 29vsArizonaW5-260-41Wright 13-4Bumgarner 6-10Jansen 2441,536
Sat, Jul 30vsArizonaW6-261-41Anderson 9-6Martin 0-141,682
Sun, Jul 31vsArizonaW1-062-41Jansen 5-0Melancon 3-939,005
Tue, Aug 2vsPhiladelphiaW13-163-41Strider 6-3Nelson 3-238,932
Wed, Aug 3vsPhiladelphiaL3-163-42Wheeler 10-5McHugh 2-2Robertson 1530,380
Thu, Aug 4@New YorkL6-463-43Carrasco 12-4Wright 13-5Diaz 2438,693
Fri, Aug 5@New YorkW9-664-43Minter 5-3Walker 9-340,305
Sat, Aug 6@New YorkL8-564-44Peterson 6-2Odorizzi 4-4Diaz 2537,790
Sat, Aug 6@New YorkL6-264-45Scherzer 8-2Fried 10-437,452
Sun, Aug 7@New YorkL5-264-46deGrom 1-0Strider 6-4Diaz 2637,717
Tue, Aug 9@BostonW9-7 F/1165-46Lee 3-0Ort 0-1Matzek 134,972
Wed, Aug 10@BostonW8-466-46Wright 14-5Pivetta 8-935,406
Fri, Aug 12@MiamiW4-367-46Matzek 2-2Hernandez 2-6Jansen 2510,459
Sat, Aug 13@MiamiW5-268-46Muller 1-1Luzardo 3-5Jansen 267,308
Sat, Aug 13@MiamiW6-269-46Anderson 10-6Nance 0-1Iglesias 1711,910
Sun, Aug 14@MiamiW3-170-46Matzek 3-2Scott 4-5Jansen 2710,902
Mon, Aug 15vsNew YorkW13-171-46Strider 7-4Carrasco 13-538,380
Tue, Aug 16vsNew YorkW5-072-46Morton 6-5Alvarez 0-137,449
Wed, Aug 17vsNew YorkL9-772-47Scherzer 9-2Odorizzi 4-534,308
Thu, Aug 18vsNew YorkW3-273-47Fried 11-4deGrom 2-1Jansen 2839,378
Fri, Aug 19vsHoustonW6-274-47Wright 15-5McCullers Jr. 1-142,837
Sat, Aug 20vsHoustonW5-4 F/1175-47Stephens 2-2Stanek 1-142,893
Sun, Aug 21vsHoustonL5-475-48Urquidy 12-4Lee 3-1Pressly 2542,531
Mon, Aug 22@PittsburghW2-176-48Odorizzi 5-5Contreras 3-4Jansen 2911,231
Tue, Aug 23@PittsburghW6-177-48Fried 12-4Brubaker 3-1113,367
Wed, Aug 24@PittsburghW14-278-48Wright 16-5Keller 4-1012,060
Sat, Aug 27@St. LouisW11-479-48Strider 8-4Quintana 4-646,027
Sat, Aug 27@St. LouisL6-579-49Helsley 8-1Jansen 5-146,119
Sun, Aug 28@St. LouisL6-379-50Helsley 9-1Minter 5-4Gallegos 1342,897
Tue, Aug 30vsColoradoL3-279-51Urena 3-5Fried 12-5Bard 2834,237
Wed, Aug 31vsColoradoW3-280-51Wright 17-5Feltner 2-6Jansen 3029,554
Thu, Sep 1vsColoradoW3-081-51Strider 9-4Kuhl 6-8Jansen 3131,203
Fri, Sep 2vsMiamiW8-182-51Morton 7-5Alcantara 12-742,161
Sat, Sep 3vsMiamiW2-183-51Matzek 4-2Okert 5-242,405
Sun, Sep 4vsMiamiW7-184-51Fried 13-5Lopez 8-942,360
Wed, Sep 7@OaklandW10-985-51Chavez 3-1Payamps 3-4Jansen 326,062
Wed, Sep 7@OaklandW7-386-51Strider 10-4Waldichuk 0-15,332
Sat, Sep 10@SeattleW6-487-51Morton 8-5Ray 12-9Jansen 3342,114
Sun, Sep 11@SeattleL3-187-52Kirby 7-3Fried 13-6Sewald 1944,965
Sun, Sep 11@SeattleL8-787-53Sewald 4-4Jansen 5-245,245
Tue, Sep 13@San FranciscoL3-287-54Cobb 6-6Strider 10-5Alexander 123,790
Wed, Sep 14@San FranciscoW5-188-54Wright 18-5Junis 4-624,872
Wed, Sep 14@San FranciscoL4-188-55Rodon 13-8Morton 8-6Doval 2325,093
Fri, Sep 16vsPhiladelphiaW7-289-55Chavez 4-1Dominguez 6-542,578
Sat, Sep 17vsPhiladelphiaW4-390-55Lee 4-1Nola 9-12Jansen 3442,542
Sun, Sep 18vsPhiladelphiaW5-291-55Strider 11-5Brogdon 2-142,015
Mon, Sep 19vsWashingtonW5-292-55Wright 19-5Abbott 0-3Jansen 3533,443
Tue, Sep 20vsWashingtonW3-293-55Morton 9-6Ramirez 4-2Jansen 3640,224
Wed, Sep 21vsWashingtonL3-293-56Machado 2-0Chavez 4-2Finnegan 1137,240
Thu, Sep 22@PhiladelphiaL1-093-57Suarez 10-5Fried 13-7Alvarado 221,276
Fri, Sep 23@PhiladelphiaL9-193-58Nola 10-12Odorizzi 5-628,013
Sat, Sep 24@PhiladelphiaW6-394-58Wright 20-5Falter 5-4Jansen 3736,692
Sun, Sep 25@PhiladelphiaW8-7 F/1195-58Stephens 3-2Bellatti 4-432,090
Mon, Sep 26@Washington11:05 PMElderAbbottTickets as low as $13 
Tue, Sep 27@Washington11:05 PMEspinoTickets as low as $9 
Wed, Sep 28@Washington11:05 PMOdorizziGrayTickets as low as $9 
Fri, Sep 30vsNew York11:20 PMFriedBassittTickets as low as $53 
Sat, Oct 1vsNew York11:20 PMWrightdeGromTickets as low as $66 
Sun, Oct 2vsNew York11:00 PMMortonScherzerTickets as low as $38 
Mon, Oct 3@Miami10:40 PMElderLuzardoTickets as low as $5 
Tue, Oct 4@Miami10:40 PMTickets as low as $5 
Wed, Oct 5@Miami8:10 PMOdorizziAlcantaraTickets as low as $5

Atlanta Braves Score

Philadelphia Phillies 7 Atlanta Braves 8

Atlanta Braves Players

Jesse ChavezJesse Chavez 60R/R6′ 1″17508/21/1983
Bryce ElderBryce Elder 55R/R6′ 2″22005/19/1999
Max FriedMax Fried 54L/L6′ 4″19001/18/1994
Raisel IglesiasRaisel Iglesias 26R/R6′ 2″19001/04/1990
Kenley JansenKenley Jansen 74S/R6′ 5″26509/30/1987
Dylan LeeDylan Lee 52L/L6′ 3″21408/01/1994
Tyler MatzekTyler Matzek 68L/L6′ 3″23010/19/1990
Collin McHughCollin McHugh 32R/R6′ 2″19106/19/1987
A.J. MinterA.J. Minter 33L/L6′ 0″21509/02/1993
Charlie MortonCharlie Morton 50R/R6′ 5″21511/12/1983
Jake OdorizziJake Odorizzi 12R/R6′ 2″19003/27/1990
Alan RangelAlan Rangel 72R/R6′ 2″17008/21/1997
Jackson StephensJackson Stephens 53R/R6′ 2″22005/11/1994
Kyle WrightKyle Wright 30R/R6′ 4″21510/02/1995
William ContrerasWilliam Contreras 24R/R6′ 0″18012/24/1997
Travis d'ArnaudTravis d’Arnaud 16R/R6′ 2″21002/10/1989
Ehire AdrianzaEhire Adrianza 17S/R6′ 1″19808/21/1989
Orlando ArciaOrlando Arcia 11R/R6′ 0″18708/04/1994
Vaughn GrissomVaughn Grissom 18R/R6′ 3″21001/05/2001
Matt OlsonMatt Olson 28L/R6′ 5″22503/29/1994
Austin RileyAustin Riley 27R/R6′ 3″24004/02/1997
Dansby SwansonDansby Swanson 7R/R6′ 1″19002/11/1994
Ronald Acuña Jr.Ronald Acuña Jr. 13R/R6′ 0″20512/18/1997
Robbie GrossmanRobbie Grossman 15S/L6′ 0″20909/16/1989
Michael Harris IIMichael Harris II 23L/L6′ 0″19503/07/2001
Guillermo HerediaGuillermo Heredia 38R/L5′ 10″19501/31/1991
Eddie RosarioEddie Rosario 8L/R6′ 1″18009/28/1991
Designated HitterB/THtWtDOB
Marcell OzunaMarcell Ozuna 20R/R6′ 1″22511/12/1990