Did Sauce Gardner give up a TD?

Sauce Gardner

While Ahmad Gardner (who is also known as Sauce Gardner) has made a name for himself in college football, he has yet to become a household name outside of Cincinnati Bearcats and college football fanatics. However, Gardner’s draft standing in the NFL has skyrocketed during the past several days.

One of the top cornerback prospects in the NFL draft of 2022 is Gardner. He might go first overall in the draft as a cornerback. He is predicted to be a future star at cornerback in the NFL, along with Trent McDuffie of Washington and Derrick Stingley Jr. of LSU.

However, Sauce Gardner stands out from the crowd, and not just because of his moniker. Gardner dominated in college, and scouts are salivating over his potential now.

Sauce Gardner might develop quickly into a cornerback who can shut down offenses. Gardner, who stands 6 feet 2 inches tall, possesses an adequate height for the position. Despite only weighing 190 pounds, he can gain muscle weight by participating in a team’s off-season training regimen.

Look no further than the fact that Gardner didn’t allow a touchdown in each of his three seasons of collegiate play for proof of his lockdown ability. He never allowed a score in 1,059 snaps. Going a complete season without giving up a touchdown is just insane, but Gardner managed to accomplish it three times.

Gardner made 99 tackles and three and a half sacks during the course of his 33 games for Cincinnati. He demonstrated his playmaking skills as well, collecting three interceptions annually. These nine interceptions included three pick-sixes on the offensive side of the ball.

Did Sauce Gardner give up a TD?

Despite the fact that Gardner has started every game of his career, he has never allowed up a touchdown to the other team. In 2021, he elevated his game to a new level, allowing only 131 yards of total offense in 14 games.