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Germán Amed Valdez Nate Rosario is a Dominican professional baseball shortstop and outfielder for the Cleveland Guardians of Major League Baseball.

The baseball player was born on  November 20, 1995 (age 26 years), in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and has a very tall height that is known to stand at 1.88m

Amed Rosario
Amed Rosario

He is known to also have a weight that stands at 86kg and is the son of his parents who are known by the names of  Germán Abad Rosario and  Nerys Valdez Rosario.

Amed bats with the use of his right hand as well as throws also with the use of the same right hand as well.

He got the chance to make his major league baseball debut on  Germán Abad Rosario, Nerys Valdez Rosario. 

The baseball player has major league baseball statistics which consist of a win-loss record of 10-11 as well as a batting average of 274, 47 home runs and 232 runs batted in.

On October 29, 2018, he was selected to play for the MLB All-Stars during the 2018 MLB Japan All-Star Series

Amed is known to wear the number one jersey for the Cleveland Guardian whiles playing the position of an outfielder as well as a shortstop for the team as well.

How Is Amed Rosario Doing This Year?

Rosario went 4-for-4 with two doubles, a walk, an RBI, a stolen base and two runs scored in Wednesday’s 7-6 extra-inning win over the Twins.