What Is Greg Zuerlein Salary: How Much Does Greg Zuerlein Make?

Greg Zuerlein, formerly of both the Cowboys and the Rams, is now playing for the Jets after just signing a one-year deal worth $2.75 million.

According to Rich Cimini of ESPN, the base value of this arrangement is $2 million, and there is a fully guaranteed payment of $1 million.

Greg Zuerlein
Greg Zuerlein

Zuerlein, who is 34 years old, was given a signing bonus of $250,000 and will count $1.985 million against the cap.

During his time with Dallas the previous year, Zuerlein made 29 of 35 field goal attempts. Additionally, he was successful in 42 of 48 attempts to kick extra points.

Zuerlein, who has been a professional for ten years, has a career field goal percentage of 82.2% and a career extra point percentage of 95.8%.

Both Zuerlein and Eddy Piñeiro will battle for the starting position as the kicker for the Jets. Piñeiro just renewed his contract for another year, this time making it his own.

 Zuerlein, sometimes known as “Greg the Leg,” was the first person in the history of the NFL to make two of 58 yards or more in the same game.

He was also the first kicker to hit a field goal of 50 yards or more and a field goal of 60 yards or more in the same game.

During the previous season, his touchback rate was 80%, and Zuerlein made 79% (65 of 82) of his from goals from 40-49 yards, while he only made 55% (38 of 69) of his goal tries from 50-59 yards.

Zuerlein has been successful with nine of his eleven field goal attempts in the seven postseason games he has played.

How Much Does Greg Zuerlein Make?

Greg Zuerlein makes an average of $2.7 million a year. Zuerlein will receive a base salary of $1,500,000, a signing bonus of $250,000, and a roster bonus of $250,000 in 2022, with a cap hit of $1,985,294 that year.