Camaron Cheeseman’s Contract, Salary and Net Worth

American tight end Camaron Cheeseman, 23, competes in the National Football League (NFL) for the Washington football team as a tight end (TE).

The Carolina Panthers selected Fletcher three choices earlier, making Cheeseman’s selection noteworthy because it marked the first time two pure long snappers were selected in the same round.

For Washington, Camaron Cheeseman dons a jersey with the number 54 and his name exquisitely embroidered on the back.

Once his NFL career is done, Cheeseman intends to attend Ohio State University to study dentistry. At Columbus State Community College, he took the Dental Admission Test and received a 92nd percentile score.

When he was a student at Michigan, Cheeseman worked as a research assistant in the area and co-wrote a study on an orthodontic device for treating underbites.

Camaron Cheeseman’s Contract, Salary and Net Worth

The $660,000 annual salary of Camaron Cheeseman includes a $32,677 signing bonus. The senior American football league, the National Football League, currently has Camaron Cheeseman under contract with the Washington Football Team.

His current contract with the Washinton  Football Team is $3,490,000. Camaron Cheeseman’s exact net worth has not been mentioned anywhere on the internet but some tabloids speculate it could be between $3 million and $6 million dollars.