Demarcus Lawrence’s Wife: Is Demarcus Lawrence Married? Who Is Demarcus Lawrence’s Wife, Sasha Lawrence?

Demarcus Lawrence wife Sasha

Demarcus Lawrence is one of the few married NFL players. He is married to Sasha Lawrence, and the couple has four children together (two of them from Sasha’s previous relationship).

Sasha and Lawrence have been married for a while. They were together for seven years before getting married, and they had their first kid during that time.

Although Sasha was in a previous relationship prior to meeting Lawrence, no information about Lawrence’s previous relationships has been made public.

Who Is Demarcus Lawrence’s Wife, Sasha Lawrence?

Sasha Lawrence is a beautiful and alluring lady. She was born in the US on April 2, 1990. She was raised as a Mexican-American.

In 2012, Lawrence and Sasha had their first encounter, and the two have been together ever since time. They exchanged vows in New York on December 25, 2016. The wedding ceremony took place at the Omni Dallas Hotel on May 11, 2019.

DeMarcus’ wife became pregnant with their first child while they were still dating. For her, things were not all roses and butterflies, though. During the pregnancy, there was a complication.

Sasha had traveled to Las Vegas on the day of the baby’s birth, while Lawrence was in Dallas. When her water broke in Las Vegas, she was taken to the hospital right away.

Lawrence was forced to stay in Dallas since he was unable to book a flight, despite making sure he was in the delivery room with his partner via a facetime chat.