AJ Pollock Children: Meet AJ Pollock Daughter, Maddi Mae Pollock

Allen Lorenz Pollock, simply identified as A. J. Pollock is an American professional baseball player who plays as an outfielder for the Chicago White Sox baseball team of the Major League Baseball(MLB). He earns an annual salary of $10 million from the White Sox.

A. J. was born in December 1987 in Hebron, Connecticut in the United States. He lived almost all his life in Hebron. He was a baseball player in high school at RHAM High School in his birth town.

After his high school education, Pollock enrolled at the University of Notre Dame where he played college baseball for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He played as both an outfielder and third baseman for the team.

In 2009, the Arizona Diamondbacks selected him in the 1st round of the 2009 MLB draft. He played in minor leagues till April 18 2012 when he was promoted to the major leagues. He made his MLB debut that very day for the team.

Pollock was signed to the Los Angeles Dodgers team in January 2019 on a four-year contract. In April 2022, the Dodgers traded him to the Chicago White Sox.

Kate Newall got married to Pollock in March 2014. The couple first met at Notre Dame University where they were both students.

AJ Pollock Children: Meet AJ Pollock’s Daughter, Maddi Mae Pollock

AJ Pollock and wife, Kate welcomed their firstborn, a daughter named Maddi Mae Pollock in May 2020.

Maddi was born prematurely at 24 weeks old and had to spend days at the hospital.