What Is Eli White Salary: How Much Does Eli White Make?

Eli White

Texas Rangers utility guy Eli White has seen more playing time in the big leagues since returning from a brief stay at Triple-A earlier this month.

When the team recalled the 27-year-old on June 8, he was expected to be given this opportunity.

Eli White
Eli White

White has returned to the plate as strong as ever, according to manager Chris Woodward.

White’s rare appearances on the diamond, combined with his.128 batting average in the early goings of the season, earned him a trip to Round Rock.

However, considering his improved at-bats and power flashes since returning to Arlington earlier this month, the utility man’s job on the team appears to be his to lose for the next three months.

The outfielder’s recent improvement is reflected in Woodward’s recent remarks. But it also alluded to the Rangers’ desire to eliminate his flaw – striking out.

In 48 at-bats in 2020, the utility player struck out 16 times, a strikeout percentage of 30.8 percent – a minor number, but one worth watching ahead of 2021.

Fast-forward to the current season, and you can see the gradual development (29.0 percent ).

When it comes to strikeouts, FanGraphs considers any batter with a rate of more than 22% to be “below average.”

Recognizing a player’s shift in approach is one thing; pointing to where a batter is slated in any given big-league order is another.

How Much Does Eli White Make?

Eli White makes an annual average salary of $714,000.