Tyler O’Neill Salary: How Much Does Tyler O’Neill Make?

How Much Does Tyler O’Neill Make?

Tyler O’Neill makes an average salary of $3,500,000


As part of a deal that saw Mariners pitcher Marco Gonzales traded to the Yankees, O’Neill will get his first opportunity in the majors.

In each of the previous two seasons, the former third-round pick was largely regarded as one of the game’s top 100 prospects.

O’Neill only got a dozen at-bats this spring because of an injury, but he’s earned it after tearing it up at Triple-A to start the season.

His slash line of .388/.385/.837 includes six home runs in 52 plate appearances. Since he hit over.800 in the higher minors in 2016 and 2017, there isn’t much left for him to prove in the field.

The key concern is whether he’ll be able to translate that success into the majors, as it is with any prospect.

O’Neill gets a lot of walks, but he also has a tendency to swing and miss. O’Neill has the potential to become an everyday right fielder at the top level of the game if he can hit enough home runs.

As of now, it’s not apparent if O’Neill will get a full chance to show he belongs. Tommy Pham’s status is being evaluated after he felt a stiffness in his groin during yesterday night’s game.

Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler is a switch hitter, although the team presently has three right-handers (Pham, Marcell Ozuna, and Harrison Bader) and one switch-hitter (Pham).

Regardless of how long he stays in the Majors this time, the Cardinals will have O’Neill under contract until at least the 2024 season, even if he only plays one day.