Giancarlo Stanton Height: How Tall Is Giancarlo Stanton?

An off-bat speed of 122.4mph (197.0km/h) was recorded by ESPN’s Home Run Tracker on May 21, 2012, when Stanton hit a grand slam off Jamie Moyer that went 462 feet (141 m).

The panels hit by the ball were briefly knocked out when the ball made contact with a scoreboard in the outfield. Since 2004, Moyer had not surrendered a grand slam.


Stanton confirmed his participation in the 2012 MLB All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby on June 28th, 2012. However, Stanton was forced to leave a game against the Cardinals on July 7 due to knee pain.

Stanton had surgery on his knee the following day and was unable to participate in both tournaments. On the 14th of July, he was put on the 15-day disabled list.

Stanton smashed a 494-foot home run at Coors Field on August 17th. Since 2011, he has hit six home runs in as many games at Coors Field. For the first time since 2009, an MLB home run went over the fence.


It was Stanton’s best season in the major leagues, with 37 home runs, .290 batting average, .361 on-base percentage, and.608 slugging percentage, which ranked first in the league.

In terms of slugging percentage, he ranked third in the National League (.969; behind Braun and Joey Votto).


According to HitTrackerOnline, Stanton hit 11 no-doubt home runs, which was the most in the National League and the sixth most in the big leagues for the season.

Both at Coors Field (494 feet) at Marlins Park, Stanton blasted the season’s biggest home homers (462 feet). His average off-the-bat distance (413 feet) and speed (107.2 miles per hour) were virtually unchanged from 2011.

How Tall Is Giancarlo Stanton?

 Giancarlo Stanton’s height is 1.98 m.