Hoy Park Height: How Tall Is Hoy Park?

How Tall Is Hoy Park?

Hoy Park stands at a height of 1.85 m.


The Pittsburgh Pirates have added a new player to their lineup today. Infielder Hoy Park has been inserted into the lineup for his Pittsburgh Pirates debut.

Hoy Park
Hoy Park

Park was acquired from the New York Yankees last week by the Buccaneers. Clay Holmes was transferred to the Yankees in exchange for Park and Diego Castillo, a minor league infielder.

Park was originally assigned to Indianapolis’ Triple-A affiliate, but he was recalled by the organization on Saturday.

Park will bat seventh in today’s game, which begins at 1:00 p.m. In addition, Park will start at shortstop, with Castro playing third base alongside him.

This is a fantastic opportunity for both of these young guys, particularly Park. Park was never really given an opportunity with the Yankees for whatever reason.

JT Riddle, Will Craig, Jose Osuna, and Jarrod Dyson were among the Pittsburgh Pirates’ at-bats last season.

Finally, fans are getting a glimpse of some of the guys who have been prioritized by this Front Office. Park should be able to make an immediate impact and contribute to this club in the future.

Not to add that he was traded for a struggling reliever, so Ben Cherington and his staff may have gotten a genuine bargain.