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Age: 22 yr
Height: 5-10
Weight: 160 lbs
Hits/Throws: R/R
Acquired: 2016 IFA
RuleV: On 40-Man Roster


Physical Description

Sub-six-foot height and an extremely thin physique make him an extremely diminutive character. With some inherent strength but lacking in size, he can’t project much more power than his present output.


In this position, hands are placed on the back of the shoulders, the leg kick timing mechanism is modest, and the hands are kept inside for a short, compact stroke.

Strikeouts are rare for this patient hitter who will take everything the pitcher throws at him and isn’t scared to take walks despite his excellent contact abilities.

There are some positives, but he lacks the quality of contact associated with a great all-around hit tool. Too many balls to his pull side and a small number of hard ground balls for this pitcher.

Will always give you a professional at bat, but he lacks the ability to exploit his innate talents. Rank:55


The majority of his extra-base hits are hit into the gaps since he lacks tremendous power. This kid has the ability to get inside but lacks the loft to hit balls over walls.

In his late twenties, he has the potential to become a swing-change candidate. A player with below-average power, but a high rate of contact and a high rate of speed. Rank:40


Inconsistent fielder whose best asset is his adaptability. Shortstop, second base, and left field are all below average for him.

There is no position on the diamond that he hasn’t tried his hand at some point. In the long run, it is likely to be useful.

Quick and agile, but his hands are below average and he often rushes through plays and does not take the necessary time to make sure he has everything he needs. RAnk:45


He has a weak arm, which makes it likely that he will be moved off short totally. In the outfield corners and a second, he’s just above-average. The zip and carry functionality that is so critical is missing. Rank: 40


Faster than the typical runner, with a good base-running tempo, and a good first-place finish time.

The problem is that he’s an overly aggressive and below-average base runner, despite his great totals. Still an important part of his game, both offensively and defensively. Rank:55


A bat-first utility profile that may be used on and off the field. Because of the absence of damage inflicted on touch, it has contact over the power profile.

The lack of power in his swing makes it unlikely that he will crack the starting lineup. A versatile player who can step in and play a number of roles for a successful team when needed, even if his production on the offensive end suffers.




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