Shane Lemieux Parents: Who Are Shane Lemieux’s Parents?

Shane Lemieux

Lemieux’s parents divorced when he was 6 years old, leaving him to grow up in a single-parent home. As his mother, Christy was working additional shifts as a nurse to support them, he was given the responsibility of raising his 4-year-old sister, Danielle.

Lemieux continued to be the head of the household until he was 11 years old, at which point Christy introduced Lemieux to her boyfriend at the time, Mike Meluskey, who would later become his stepdad.

Lemieux’s stepfather wasn’t the only older male character that took on a paternal role for Lemieux throughout his youth. Zigmund Meluskey, who also served as Lemieux’s step-grandfather, was also there.

Zigmund would not only play the role of a step-grandfather to Lemieux, but also that of an inspiration, a father figure, and the person who was instrumental in introducing Lemieux to the sport of football.

Lemieux stated that both of his parents did an outstanding job of bringing him up. “Because I was usually looking after my mother and raising my sister, I didn’t really have a hobby.

When I was first exposed to football, I became obsessed with it to the point that nothing else mattered. Also provided me with yet another chance to hang out with my pals, and it gave me something productive to do on the weekends.

The offensive lineman who made the first team of the AP’s Pac-12 All-Conference was instructed not just in football but also in grit and determination.

Who Are Shane Lemieux’s Parents?

Shane Lemieux was born to Christy, who was a single parent and a nurse. According to Lemieux, he was raised by Mike Meluskey, his stepdad, and Zigmund Meluskey his step-grandfather.