What Is Ramón Laureano Salary: How Much Does Ramón Laureano Make?

During the A’s-Houston Astros brawl on August 9, 2020, he was at the center of the action.

He was ridiculed by Astros coach Alex Cintrón after he was hit by a pitch for the second time in that game, resulting in a bench-clearing brawl.

He then clarified that he wasn’t looking for trouble, but that he couldn’t let Cintrón get away with using an obscenity in reference to his mother.

Even though it was a year of social distance, MLB had already warned everyone that it would punish such acts severely, and Laureano received an unforgiving six-game penalty.

In addition, Cintrón was sentenced to twenty games since he was found to be the originator of the brawl and because he is the team’s coach, which means he bears more responsibility.

 Six home runs and 25 RBIs were his stat line in 54 games, as well as 12 hits by pitch. His OPS+ of 98 was the lowest of his professional career, and he was crushed by it. With two home runs and five RBIs in the playoffs, he went 5 for 26.

 When he was suspended for 80 games on August 6th for testing positive for Nandrolone, a performance-enhancing substance, he was enjoying a comeback season in 2021, hitting .246 in 88 games with 14 home runs, 39 RBIs, and an OPS+ of 112.

He insisted that he hadn’t intentionally consumed the illegal drug.

How Much Does Ramón Laureano Make?

Ramon Laureano is paid an average of $2,450,000 each year. Laureano will be paid a basic salary of $2,450,000 in 2022.