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Jhonathan Diaz

Jhonathan Alexander Diaz plays as a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels. The Venezuelan-born made his professional MLB debut for the Angels in 2021.

Jhonathan Diaz Scouting Report

3 Games / 2 Starts / 1-0 Record / 4.15 ERA / 13 Innings Pitched / 9 Strikeouts / 7 Walks / 1.38 WHIP / .220 Opp Avg. / 11 Hits Allowed / 6 Runs Allowed / 1 Home Run Allowed

*With Angels (MLB)

16 Games / 12 Starts / 5-6 Record / 4.01 ERA / 76.1 Innings Pitched / 92 Strikeouts / 20 Walks / 1.11 WHIP / .229 Opp Avg. / 65 Hits Allowed / 34 Runs Allowed / 5 Home Runs Allowed

The top three pitches of Diaz’s arsenal, the Changeup, Slider, and Sinker, are used more than 97 percent of the time. Diaz is a five-pitch pitcher.

While his effectiveness, particularly with his Slider, makes him a well-balanced pitcher who keeps opposing hitters on their toes, he does not blow you away with velocity.

Due to its low Opp Average (.222) and high Whiff rate, the Slider is employed the second-most frequently in the arsenal (29.1 percent), attracting the most attention (37.5 percent ).

When comparing his splits over the 13 innings he pitched, Diaz had the most success against lefties. limiting left-handed hitters to a batting average under one (.059) and a WHIP of 0.88 while striking out five.

Jhonathan Diaz Prospect

Jhonathan Diaz prospect ranking is not available

Jhonathan Diaz Salary

Jhonathan Diaz earns a salary of $700,000 a year on average.

Jhonathan Diaz Trade

Jhonathan Diaz was not optioned for a trade. He signed a minor league contract with the Angels in 2020 when he became a free agent

Jhonathan Diaz Height

Jhonathan Diaz has a height of 1.83m. The 25 year old pitcher has  a total weight of 77kg

Jhonathan Diaz Net Worth

Jhonathan Diaz has a net worth estimation of $500,000

Jhonathan Diaz ESPN

Jhonathan Diaz Contract

The Los Angeles Angels signed Jhonathan Diaz to a one-year, $700,000 contract, with $700,000 guaranteed.

Jhonathan Diaz Stats