José Cisnero Parents: Who Are José Cisnero Parents?

Since 2014, the Dominican right-hander had not pitched in the major leagues. Since 2015, he hadn’t pitched at any level of affiliated baseball.

His chances of staying were limited.

Cisnero was convinced, though, that he could attract the attention of Detroit Tigers coaches, just as he had done for scouts in the Dominican Republic that winter.

“When I left there, I told my mother, ‘Don’t worry.’ In 2019, he declared, “I’m going to fight to stay up there.” “My family comes first.” I’ll go to any length for them.”

There has been a lot of change in the last two years. Cisnero didn’t make the team at first, but he was offered a position at Triple-A Toledo, took advantage of a summer call-up, and has spent the last two seasons as one of the team’s most consistent relievers.

Along with Gregory Soto and Michael Fulmer, he’s part of a trio of relievers who have been instrumental in the Tigers’ recovery after a dreadful start.

Since May 13, Cisnero has had a 0.50 ERA in 18 innings. He has 18 strikeouts, only four walks, and only four hits (three singles and a double).

He’s performed admirably in a variety of positions and innings, but virtually always when the game was on the line.

He remarked in a Spanish interview outside the Comerica Park dugout this week, “I’ve really appreciated what I’ve been doing.” “I have to be ready and prepared to execute every time they call on me.”

Cisnero, 32, began his career with the Houston Astros, who begin a four-game series at Comerica Park on Thursday night.


Who Are José Cisnero Parents?

Miguel and Juana Cisneros are José Cisnero Parents