Evan White Children: Does Evan White Have Any Kids?

Evan White’s disclosures about his family are heartfelt, emotive, and genuine. His mother, Erin, who has been there for nearly every step of his journey to the major leagues, is especially important to the  Seattle first baseman because she has always come first.

The White family celebrated Mother’s Day sooner than expected this year when they gathered in the last week of April to mourn the departure of White’s grandfather, a former Reds player who played in the organization decades ago.

The meeting this year was a thank you for being in each other’s company once more as well as a celebration of life.

Evan White
Evan White

Last year, the pandemic restricted in-person events, preventing the family from coming together and celebrating with Erin, and the difficulties of physical distance were far more difficult given her condition as she battled endometrial cancer.

She had just finished the third week of chemotherapy while Evan and the rest of the world were under a global quarantine.

Erin recuperate back at White’s Ohio childhood home while White stayed in Arizona during the break between Spring Training and Summer Camp. FaceTime conversations, check-ins, and uncertainties were incessant.

Fortunately, Erin has since entered remission, and her restoration to health is the reason Mother’s Day in 2021 was more significant for the Whites than ever before.

Without a doubt,” remarked White. Mother’s Day is something we have clearly always honored growing up.

We have known from the start that we have such a wonderful mother who loves and supports us in everything we do. The fear of actually losing her hit us hard when she received her cancer diagnosis a year or two ago.

It was one of the most difficult things he had ever gone through, and the epidemic made it even worse.

Does Evan White Have Any Kids?

Evans White does not have any kids at the moment. Evans and his wife Kari are yet to have their first child.