Why are the Patriots called New England?

New England Patriots

Even though the Patriots are among the most well-known NFL teams, very few people are aware that the New England squad was formerly known as the Boston Patriots.

The Boston Patriots, who were forced to change their name in 1971 due to an identity crisis, were one of the most well-known and identifiable teams in the NFL before becoming the New England Patriots.

New England Patriots

Due to the relocation, the team’s name had to be changed, and the New England tag eventually replaced the moniker Patriots to become the New England Patriots. Bay State Patriots seriously contemplated club owners did not, however, just examine this choice.

First, they seriously considered calling the team the “Bay State Patriots,” a play on Massachusetts’ official moniker, but ultimately abandoned the idea out of concern that rival fans would refer to the team as the “B.S. Patriots,” abbreviated for “Bullshit,” leaving New England as a viable alternative.

On November 16, 1959, it was announced that professional football will return to the northeast after an 11-year absence from the AFL. Having said that, Boston businessman Billy Sullivan received the AFL’s final franchise prize.

Being the savvy businessman that he was, Sullivan recognized that the franchise’s branding was its most crucial component, so he searched for a memorable name that he could market effectively.

As a result, Sullivan launched a campaign to choose the greatest name while also marketing the Boston squad, demonstrating his tremendous marketing expertise.