How Fast Is Eli White?

Eli White

Eli White is tied for second in MLB in sprint speed (30.1 feet/sec) with Trea Turner of the Dodgers, only behind Bobby Witt Jr. of the Royals, according to Baseball Savant.

Eli’s sprint speed has also ranked third among all MLB players (averaging 30.4 ft/sec) since his debut in 2020.

Eli White’s quickness and defense are well-known among the Rangers’ coaching staff.

“You can’t steal first base,” as the old baseball adage goes. White began throwing against left-handed pitchers in 2022.

White’s ability to bunt is one component of his speed in the box. Three weeks ago, he got his first MLB bunt hit, which was swiftly followed by a second.

Half of Eli’s eight hits have stayed in the infield, where his speed allows him to manipulate the defense. “[Eli] is the type of player who can make an impact with his speed,” said Tony Beasley, the Rangers’ third base coach.

“He can get the bunt down even when they anticipate, and his speed makes it a difficult play.”

Chris Woodward mentioned White’s indecisiveness on the bases during Spring Training.

Back in Spring Training, Woodward remarked, “He does his homework, but there’s a slight bit of doubt.” “When it comes to jumps, he has reservations.

Sometimes there’s a brief pause before he moves on, resulting in a late break.”

He is, however, gaining confidence, which the coaching staff noticed when he went 4 for 4 stealing bases and took the extra base 75 percent of the time.