Jonathan Bowlan Height: How Tall Is Jonathan Bowlan?

Mark Bowlan was a standout pitcher at the University of Memphis and was drafted 19th overall by the Cardinals in 1989.

He spent two years in the major leagues. Three decades later, his son Jonathan followed in his father’s footsteps to Memphis, pitching his way into the Royals’ collegiate pitching-heavy 2018 Draft in the second round.

Jonathan Bowlan
Jonathan Bowlan

When he suffered an elbow injury that required Tommy John surgery in 2021, the right-hander was on the fast track to the Major League rotation.

His rehabilitation is doing well, and the Royals anticipate him returning to the mound in June.

Bowlan, an exceptional strike-thrower, had a strong start in Double-A last year, earning a 1.59 ERA in 17 innings while striking out 25 batters.

Because of his big 6-foot-6 build, he has a deceptive 93-96 mph fastball. His low-80s slider pairs nicely with his late-breaking fastball, and his changeup continues to develop as a reliable starter’s offering.

Bowlan’s biggest alteration in ’21 was the inclusion of a possible curveball to complement his slider and give batters a fresh look.

Bowlan has an excellent command of the ball and a clean delivery, which allows all of his offerings to play up as he approaches the strike zone aggressively.

The Royals believe Bowlan has a bright future as a starter if he can stay healthy following his surgery. His makeup and work ethic has been praised by officials, which should benefit him during his rehabilitation.

Bowlan’s physicality and weaponry would be a good match in a major league bullpen if he can’t stick as a starter.

When he returns from rehab this year, he may have less command, but the Royals want him to be back to his old self by 2023.

How Tall Is Jonathan Bowlan?

Jonathan Bowlan Stands at a height of 1.98 m