Anthony Bender Wife: Is Anthony Bender Married?

Even the most ardent Miami Marlins supporters weren’t going to get excited about the signing of Anthony Bender. He had previously been released by two organizations and was a former 20th round pick in the 2016 MLB Draft.

Bender, who would be 26 years old to begin the 2021 season, would probably start in the upper minors and, if he performed well, might receive a look in the majors.

He did not, however, ever make a minor league start for the Marlins. He has actually had one of the best beginnings of any pitcher to begin their career since making his debut on May 5.

Anthony Bender
Anthony Bender

Finding parts for the bullpen will be crucial as the Marlins attempt to create a long-lasting contender.

With a solid core and a number of exciting pitching prospects in the pipeline, their starting rotation already has the potential to rank among the best in the league.

The bullpen will need to be the main focus, even though it’s possible that some of those arms may wind pitching in relief.

Bender is demonstrating his ability to contribute to that future. In 19.1 innings, he has struck out 23 batters while giving up just two unearned runs on eight hits and five walks.

He is being hit by opponents at a .129/.214/.129 pace, demonstrating that there is more going on than just good fortune.

Bender has had success facing hitters from either side of the plate despite being a right-handed pitcher. He is displaying the potential to be a weapon regardless of the hitter, as lefties are only hitting .182/.250/.182 against him in 24 plate appearances.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see Bender receive more high leverage work if he were to carry on dominating in the Marlins’ bullpen.

Bender has already recorded three holds this season, and with the Marlins in search of a closer for the future, he may be given consideration for the position.

Is Anthony Bender Married?

Anthony Bender is not married. He is currently single as there is no information on the web if he is in any relationship.