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Ovarian cancer claimed Maylin Lopez’s life. Yoan Lopez, her son, made his major league debut for the Diamondbacks on this day seven years ago.

Lopez described the experience as “overwhelming.” “Imagine the happiness of being one step closer to realizing my big-league dream while also remembering how devastating it was that day in 2011 when it literally broke my heart. But I knew she was looking after me from wherever she was at the time of realizing my dream.”

Yoan left Cuba two years after Maylin died at the age of 32 to pursue his baseball goals in the United States.

Lopez said, “My childhood was difficult, not the perfect childhood that a youngster would want.” “At the same time, I was raised with such tenderness and affection that I have no regrets.”

“I felt a great regret about leaving it all behind when I did make the decision (to desert from Cuba), when I put everything on the scale and said, ‘Let’s go.’

” At the same time, I felt safe knowing that my father was watching over me. He joined me on the boat.

It was a mix of emotions: fear, excitement, sadness, and a sense of safety and security in the company of someone I trusted. I also understood that the worst was yet to come. The Coast Guard or the sea could present me with risks I never imagined.”

Yoan Lopez’s body art tells a big part of his narrative. Many of his tattoos are memorials to certain events in his life.

Who Are Yoan López Parents?

Maylin Lopez is Yoan López mother. She was a single mother and she died of ovarian cancer On Sept. 9, 2011 at age 32.