Are the New York Jets named after West Side Story?

The Titans of New York, a founding member of the American Football League (AFL), were established in 1959; they started playing games the following year. This is how the New York Jets’ American football franchise got its start.

Three years after the franchise started, it went bankrupt and was sold to a new ownership group. The New York Titans were the team’s original moniker since there was already a New York Giants team and, in the words of owner Harry Wismer, “titans are bigger and stronger than Giants.”

New York Jets

The Gotham Football Club, Inc. was the name given to the new team at the time. The name “Gothams” ultimately turned off the owners because it could be abbreviated to “Goths,” and Goths aren’t exactly kind people.

Additionally, they frequently listen to The Cure, wear all-black clothing, and apply heavy eye makeup. Instead, they chose the name “Jets” since the country was approaching the space era at the time and because the stadium where they played was close to both JFK and LaGuardia airports.

Early on, the team had little success. The team changed its identity to the New York Jets and relocated into the freshly constructed Shea Stadium in 1964 after playing three seasons at the Polo Grounds.