Justin Madubuike Contract, Salary and Net Worth

Seven members of the Texas A&M football team were selected in the 2019 NFL Draft, which set a new school record. The previous weekend saw a significant drop in that number.

On Friday evening, defensive tackle Justin Madubuike, who is entering his fourth year as a junior and is a junior in college, heard his name called as the Baltimore Ravens selected him in the third round.

Justin Madubuike
Justin Madubuike

The NFL team that finished the previous season with the best record in the league selected the Aggie defense with the 71st overall pick in the draft.

On Saturday afternoon, in rounds four through seven, there were several A&M players who were eligible for selection and could have been chosen. However, in the end, only one of them did.

Madubuike, who stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 298 pounds, was chosen at position 71 overall, and his first contract is expected to pay him an annual average of a little more than one million dollars.

According to Sportrac, the contract that Madubuike has signed is for four years and will pay him $4,768,596.

This includes a signing bonus of $1,089,679 that is completely guaranteed by the team.

When Madubuike signs his contract, he will receive a little over a million dollars, and he will be able to keep that money regardless of whether or not he makes the team, whether he gets hurt, or for any other reason.

Justin Madubuike Contract

Justin Madubuike agreed to terms with the Baltimore Ravens on a four-year, $4,853,308 contract that included a $1,089,680 signing bonus and a $1,089,680 guarantee.

Justin Madubuike Salary

On average, Justin Madubuike makes $1,213,327 per year. Madubuike’s base salary will be $1,051,209 in 2022, and his cap hit will be $1,323,629

Justin Madubuike Net Worth

Justin Madubuik has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars