A.J. Green Children: Who Is A.J. Green Son, Easton Ace Green?

As a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League, Adriel Jeremiah Green, also known as A. J. Green, is well-known in the sport of American football. He is 94 kilograms in weight and 1.93 meters tall. In South Carolina’s Summerville, he attended Summerville High School.

He played football, basketball, and track while a student at Summerville. He played college football from 2008 to 2010 for the University of Georgia’s Georgia Bulldogs squad after graduating from high school. 166 receptions for 2,619 yards and 23 touchdowns were his final totals during his college career. He made his official 2011 NFL Draft draft selection in January.

Green was chosen by the Cincinnati Bengals with the fourth overall choice in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. In Week 2 of the 2018 season, against the Baltimore Ravens, he scored three touchdowns for the first time in his professional career. All three came in the opening half, and the 34-23 victory was the result of his first three catches.

A.J. Green
A.J. Green

In March 2021, he agreed to a one-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals worth $8.5 million, with $6 million guaranteed. He reached 10,000 receiving yards in his career against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 14. With 54 receptions for 848 yards and three scores, he had a successful season. He re-signed with the Cardinals in April 2022, this time for a single season.

Who Is A.J. Green Son, Easton Ace Green?

A.J. Green has two kids, all boys with his wife, Miranda Brooke. His elderest son is Easton Ace Green who was born in 2016, a year after A. J got married to Miranda.