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Andrew David Waters is an outfielder with the Atlanta Braves of the Major League Baseball.

How Old Is Drew Waters?

Drew Waters is 23 years old. He was born on December 30, 1998


As a result of Marcell Ozuna’s injury, many Atlanta Braves supporters are calling for the Braves to bring up outfield prospect Drew Waters.

The Atlanta Braves should not call up Drew Waters at this time. It is understandable that supporters are excited about something they haven’t seen.

Again, I understand the excitement, as Waters stands to win greatly from this opportunity. And Gwinnett’s decision to leave him out of the starting lineup on Thursday didn’t help with the speculation on Twitter.

When the Braves travel to New York for a three-game series, I doubt that Waters will be called up to the roster.

That’s because he isn’t ready, and calling him up now could have a negative impact on his growth. It’s imperative that he remain in Triple-A for the entire season, as he has a long way to go before he’s ready.

The most common criticism leveled against Waters is that he has poor plate discipline, striking out too many times and not walking enough. While he’s still doing it, he’s making an effort to do better in that area now.

Here, Garrett Spain of Talking Chop does an excellent job of laying out the worries (and why some are being exaggerated) with Waters.

Make it as easy as possible for him.

Because of his swing-and-miss strategy, if he is called up now, Major League pitching will eat him alive, which might affect his self-esteem even further down the road.

When it comes to a squad that needs to win right now, Waters isn’t ready for the big leagues just yet.

Don’t give up on Waters just because you’re desperate. There’s a good chance he might be a key part of the Braves future.

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