Is Didi Gregorius An Artist?

Is Didi Gregorius An Artist?

Yes, Didi Gregorius is an Artist as well as an Athlete.


It’s hard to know where to begin with Didi Gregorius because he’s so gifted. Philadelphia Phillies shortstop is widely regarded as a world-class player because of his starting role.

You may not be aware, though, that Gregorius’s talents extend well beyond the baseball diamond.

Just take a look at his Instagram page and you can see Gregorius is an exceptional photographer as well as a talented sportsman.

Gregorius is the subject of an exclusive B&H film, in which he discusses his dual roles as an athlete and an artist, as well as how he got into photography and what inspires him.

Didi Gregorius might be the next great artist of our generation |
Didi Gregorius

A rumor sparked the whole thing. “You guys know Gregorius? “, asked someone at some point during a meeting. I’ve heard he’s a photographer.”

He comes to our studio a few months later and tells us all about how he got into photography and the cameras he likes to work with (Sony).

Then what happened? Well, some of it was the tedious, behind-the-scenes business that arises when you want to film an exclusive interview with a baseball great.

We contacted his camp, and they promptly returned our call, so we’re good to go at this point. It was, however, the planning that was the most exciting.

Our video production team came up with a brilliant idea to show off Gregorius’s dual talents as an artist and an athlete in a single video.

We had a unanimous agreement from everyone on this one. Gregorius was one of the only people who didn’t have a problem with the notion.

We were interested in Gregorius since he isn’t one thing or another. In addition to being a great baseball player, he’s also an excellent person.

Even so, it’s far from his only talent. Aside from that, he’s an accomplished artist. We were in awe of that double-edged sword and wanted to show it off in the video.

In order to do this, our crew came up with the concept of shooting Gregorious in various locations and using various pieces of equipment.

First, on the diamond, and then in the recording studio. While carrying a baseball, he also appears to be clutching a camera.

From side to side and back to side, his movements demonstrated his dual talent.

To get studio images, we used The Studio @ B&H, Dewitt Clinton Park for the baseball backdrop, and the Sony Kiosk in the B&H SuperStore for shots of him testing gear.

Our director Maria Perez had an interview with Gregorius about his origins and how he became interested in photography, so we also included portions of that talk.

Finally, a true portrait of a remarkable, versatile individual who is deeply committed to an exceptionally gifted in a wide range of fields.