How Good Is Ben Stille?

Ben Stille

Ben Stille is a defensive lineman who is quick off the ball but lacks strength in the run game. Stille’s size is below average, yet he is quick off the ball. Stille possesses excellent hand placement and timing, and he has the ability to penetrate the backfield.

He is unable to demolish blocks and is quickly dislodged from the run game due to his poor mobility. Stille is expected to compete for a spot as a camp defensive end in a 3-4 scheme, where he will provide pass rush depth on a practice squad.

How Good Is Ben Stille?

Ben Stille is a versatile defensive lineman who can suit up anywhere along the front line, from nose tackle to five-technique, in an odd front formation. Stille has excellent timing on the snap and is swift off the ball, which enables him to find openings in the defense.

As a pass rusher, he has very strong timing and the ability to place his hands well. When Stille maintains his pads low, he demonstrates a high level of balance. In games with wide zone runs, he shoots gaps using his get-off to defend against them.

His push-pull maneuver punishes blockers who lean in toward him and gives him the opportunity to shed. Stille has strong skills in the recognition and can intercept passes by positioning his hands in the throwing channels.